Is your Parking Lot ADA Compliant?
Posted by adacompliancecost, 02/14/2018 6:53 am

Many individuals suffer from a disability, and America recognizes this. Congress passed a law in 1990 known as the American Disabilities Act to ensure these individuals were protected from discrimination. This law states employers must provide reasonable accommodations for employees suffering from a disability. Furthermore, all public accommodations must fulfill certain requirements with regard to accessibility under this law. However, many businesses remain unclear as to their responsibilities and have many questions. How much will my ADA compliance cost? What happens if I am not in compliance? I'm code compliant, does this mean I am ADA compliant? These are only some of the many questions a business may have.

How Much Will My ADA Compliance Cost?

Businesses, first and foremost, need to consider how much a failure to comply with ADA regulations will cost. While people often look at the fines and penalties that may be imposed by the government when a business fails to comply, they also need to consider the loss of business they may suffer from a lack of compliance. Individuals who cannot access their business cannot purchase their products and services. Furthermore, they may share this information with family and friends who also choose not to patronize the business. This is more important than any fines or penalties imposed by a government entity.

What Happens If I Am Not in Compliance?

In the event a parking lot is found to not be in compliance, the business owner will likely have the opportunity to make the necessary modifications and/or repairs. If he or she does not do so in a timely manner, fines and penalties may be imposed by a local, state and/or federal government. This depends on the violation, as the federal government only has jurisdiction over federal laws regarding ADA Compliance Parking Lots. State and local officials may choose to impose additional regulations and will fine business owners not in compliance with these laws. Finally, a business owner may be sued in the event their parking lot is not compliant.

Does Code Compliant Mean ADA Compliant?

Federal law regarding ADA compliant parking lots differs from local and state law. A parking lot may be compliant with one but not the other, and this is where many businesses get confused. In order to avoid fines, penalties, a possible lawsuit and more, every business owner must ensure they are both ADA and code compliant.

If there is any confusion as to whether a parking lot is ADA compliant or code compliant, don't hesitate to contact a paving provider. They can be of great help in determining if any changes need to be made. In the event a paving provider fails to meet ADA or code regulations as outlined in their contract, they may be held responsible for the fines, penalties and more. For this reason, don't hesitate to contact a provider of this type for help. They can walk you through the regulations and ensure you don't have problems in the future.

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